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..............The History Of Us

The Museum started out with a few trinkets and
artifacts which were collected by Mr. Charles
Luster during his travels, as he continued to travel
he continued to collect.

This Museum is here today because of Charles
Luster, and his love of his history, as an African-
American. He is determined to share this history,
not only with people of color but, people of all
diversities. His  hope is to educate people by
sharing the many exhibits housed here.

The Museum will take you down a path of African-
American history, that not only highlights the
African- American struggles from long ago, but
throughout history. Explore the accomplishments
achieved by many Black Americans locally, as well
as nationally.

This is the third location for this museum and with
each move, the collection and exhibits gets bigger
and bigger. This is a great place to bring the
children of the Internet Era.

Of course they can read about it on the Internet,
however, they would miss out on the interpersonal
experience of seeing and hearing the story told


Monday,Thursday & Friday    

Saturday and Sunday
by appointment only


All donations are  appreciated. Donations
allow us to keep the doors of this
educational Exhibit open.

We would love to see you here.
However, if you can't make it, but believe in
our cause.

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Luster All African-American Heritage Museum is a Non- profit
organization that uses this venue to proudly display proud of it's
African- American Heritage. The  goal is to present today's
generation with the history of the African-Americans Heritage,
in the hope that it will imform and enlighten them to the
atrocities that took place many years ago, in an effort to
encourage acceptance of diversity of all mankind which will
help ensure that those types of tragedies will never happen

The displays of artifact and information is not only about the
slavery era, but  teach about African-American History from the
slavery period through present. The exhibits also teach the
roles that African-American's have played, both past and
present, in the building, innovation and shaping of United

Admission is FREE

However, we do accept Donation.

If you have ever wondered what the world would
be like without black people
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