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Luster All African- American Heritage
Museum highlights meaningful
contributions that African-Americans
have made to America.

The Museum has a section dedicated
exclusively to the African-American
Inventors and their inventions.

Because so much information is on the
Internet, many may feel it is a waste of
time to visit a museum... I
f you think that
way you will... miss out !   

Here is why you should come visit Luster
All African-American Heritage Museum in
Bartow Florida.

This place is a labor of love by Mr.
Charles Luster, He has taken the time to
acquire these beautiful artifacts and
research the history that goes with them.

When seen in person, all the thought,
labor and effort that was put into each
era of time; from slavery to present can
clearly be seen and appreciated. The
displays are a set up in a professional,
and eye appealing manner.

And you can't get that from the Internet!

many would have you think that the only inventions that blacks created was out of laziness; to make
their job easier. This assumption is so far from the truth.

Below are African Americans that made Great contribution to society
Did You Know?
George Carruthers Invented a number of things that changed the world, not
only was he an inventor, but an award winning Physicist and Space Scientist
who literally helped change the way we see the  world today. He Invented the
Ultroveliot/camara Spectrogram which was used when NASA Launched  
Apolla 16 in 1972.  In 2003 Carruthers was inducted into the National
Inventor's Hall of Fame and holds a doctorate Engineering.                               

Maria Van Britten Brown was the first to invent Home security system in
1966 and a patent was granted in 1969. Although there  have been many
advancements in the field of security since then, the basic concept is still the
same. Her Security system had a set of 4 peep holes and a camera system
that could slide up and down and look at each other. Any and everything that
moved  the camara captured and it appeared on the monitor. She was also
the first to own a patent for closed circuit T.V

Recy Taylor is a name that most had never heard, until mentioned by Oprah
Winfery at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards. However, that should not have
been the case. Recy Taylor's tragic story of being brutally gang raped by six
white men in 1944, helped bring about the civil rights movement.  This crime
outraged African-American communities all over the world and caused them
to get organized. As a result the creation of  the National justice league for
the protection of women of color was formed .

This was the first time that African-Americans had organized, in sync,  on
such a large scale. This movement was the precursor to the Civil Rights
Movement and the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Rosa Parks was the
investigator who was sent to investigate Mrs.Taylor's attack. Yet, all that was
taught about Rosa Parks in the schools system was that she refused to
give-up her seat  to a white man
because she was tried. However,  the truth
is her refusal to give up her seat was planned which lead to the Montgomery
Bus Boycott because African Americans was fed-up with this type of

Despite the confession of Recy Taylor's attackers, to the authorities, two
grand jury's refused to indict the men. Believe it or not  still to this day.....     
No charges have ever been brought against her attackers. After the attacks
she moved to Winter Haven Florida and raised her granddaughter Mary
Owens and  was a long time resident there. She passed away in 2017 at
age 97..

Please click on link below to read about this lady's courage and the role
she played in helping us achieve our Civil Rights.

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